Signs That You Need A Water Treatment System


If the name “Flint, Michigan” means anything to you, you probably know that water quality is not necessarily the best in all areas of the country. Most cities have good enough water treatment facilities to remove most of the most egregious contaminants from the water supply before it reaches any homes, but that’s not a given. The water quality may not even be all that high in your own area, which is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for signs that you should have a personal water treatment system installed. Have a look at some of the symptoms that you should install a water treatment system below.


Limescale is the result of hard water in your pipes, which is just water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium in it. This isn’t harmful to your health, although it may make your hair more brittle if you shower in it. However, limescale is extremely bad for the health of your plumbing system. As limescale builds up in the plumbing system, it will begin to choke off the flow of water through the PIPES. This will lower the water pressure in your plumbing system, and generally make everything connected to it function worse than it should. Most of the time, the only way to tell if you have hard water (and thus, the possibility of limescale) in your home is to have your water tested. However, you can also look for visible limescale in certain areas as an indicator of whether or not it’s in your pipes.

Look in your bathtub, sinks, and any other area that frequently comes into contact with water from your pipes. If you see a white, chalky sort of film in those areas, that’s limescale. And if there’s limescale in those areas, there is almost certainly some building up in your pipes. The best way to deal with limescale is to install a water softener in your water line, which will neutralize the particles in the water that cause limescale to form.


Look, it’s no secret that tap water doesn’t taste all that great in most areas. Aside from a mild sort of stale or otherwise faint aftertaste, though, your water should taste like water. The same goes for smell and color. Your water should be clear, and free of any strong smells when it comes out of your tap. If your water is displaying other qualities that it shouldn’t be, it’s pretty safe to say that you have something in it that shouldn’t be there. Talk to a professional about having your water tested, and then having a water treatment system installed that properly addresses whatever it is that is contaminating your supply.

Remember, you should only ever have water treatment systems installed or serviced by a professional plumber. You don’t want to be messing around with your water line, or any part of your plumbing pipes, on your own. You might end up making the problem worse.