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Backflow Prevention in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley Area

One of the most important factors to keep in mind about backflow prevention devices is that they are required by law for commercial spaces within Turlock, CA and the surrounding Central Valley communities. Backflow is a problem in which pressure changes can cause sewer water to flow backwards through your commercial plumbing system, contaminating the water in your pipes typically used for fresh water.

The best way to protect against backflow and to do your part to keep the municipal water supply clean and hygienic is by contacting a trusted commercial plumbing contractor to install and service your backflow prevention device. That being said, you needn’t look any further than All American Plumbing Heating & Air. Reach out to our team any time, and learn how we live by our motto of “In the Service of Excellence.” Call us today to schedule backflow prevention services in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley area.

What Causes Backflow Problems?

Under normal circumstances, water flows in only one direction through your commercial space. The plumbing pipes pump fresh water in, and the drain and sewer system sends waste water through to the municipal sewer main.

A pressure balance is maintained between these two systems, which is what keeps water flowing in one direction, and keeps everything operating as it should. An issue occurs when a sudden shift in pressure throws off this balance. There are two types of backflow to be aware of.

  • Back Pressure: This refers to when there is higher pressure in the sewer systems than in the plumbing system. This causes the sewage to push up and into the home.
  • Back Siphonage: Back siphonage occurs when the pressure in the plumbing system suddenly drops, which results in the same effect as back pressure does.

Either one of these pressure changes can result in contamination of the public water supply.

Why Your Commercial Property Needs Backflow Prevention

Backflow isn’t just a gross problem to have. It contaminates the public water supply, making your business or commercial space liable for such contamination. It’s also unsafe to use the plumbing system after backflow has occurred. The entire system has to be flushed out.

As required by law, commercial spaces in the Central Valley area must have backflow testing performed. Once this is completed, you can get in touch with our team to install a quality backflow preventer so that the risk of backflow is reduced.

Our Team Installs and Services Backflow Prevention Devices

There are a variety of backflow preventers on the market, each tending to the different requirements of diverse commercial spaces throughout Turlock, CA and the surrounding Central Valley communities. For instance, some require the use of vertical air gaps to make sure that sewer water can never flow backwards through the system. Others use one–way valves that close when the water tries to flow the wrong direction.

Our team is highly experienced and trained on the installation and service of these backflow preventers. You can turn to us for accurate installation. Or if you already have a backflow prevention device and it needs to be checked or repaired, we can help in that case too. Contact us today for your backflow prevention device services!