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Serving the Central Valley Area


Home Performance Services in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley Area

When you hear the term “home performance,” many things may come to mind. The type of home performance we’re talking about, however, is that which refers to the overall efficiency of your home—the way that it retains or expels conditioned air to keep you cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. When your Central Valley area home is as truly energy efficient as it can be, you’ll find you save a considerable amount of money along with it.

The service professionals here at All American Plumbing Heating & Air can provide quality home performance services for your whole house, ensuring that your ducts are in good shape, you have the right insulation in place, and there is no air loss occurring anywhere. Contact our team today, and learn how we live by our motto of “In the Service of Excellence.” Give us a call to schedule home performance services in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley area.

What Products or Services May Benefit Your Home Performance?

Each home throughout the Turlock, CA area is different. This means that your needs may be different than those of your neighbors. Therefore, we want to help you find the right mix of products and services to improve your home’s energy efficiency, starting with an energy audit.

During an energy audit, our highly trained and experienced service professionals will seal up your home, fit a powerful fan into your doorway, and use this to measure air pressure inside your home and outside in order to determine where you’re experiencing leakage. From there, we may find that you’re in need of more adequate installation, or duct sealing services, or a combination of both of these in addition to a more effective HVAC system.

How to Tell if You Need an Energy Audit

There are many signs that indicate you may want to schedule an energy audit for your Turlock, CA home. These signs include:

  • Uneven cooling or heating in your home.
  • Old doors and windows that may be drafty.
  • Poor indoor air quality, which can be tied in with air leaks.
  • You’ve never had an energy audit done.
  • You’re simply interested in learning how to optimize your home performance!

If any of the above mentioned signs describe your situation, or if you notice that your energy bills have spiked for no apparent reason, then it’s a good idea to get in touch with our team and see if an energy audit is a good idea.

Call on Us for Your Home Performance Needs!

Making improvements to your home’s energy efficiency means many things. Sure, it means having the right HVAC systems expertly installed, but it’s more than just that. You want to ensure that these systems themselves are high efficiency, and that they are appropriately matched to your home.

If you have a heater or AC system that’s too small, or even too large, for your home, then no amount of insulation and duct repair is going to completely solve your efficiency problems. Too small of a system simply can’t meet the demand of your living space, and too large of a system will short–cycle and wear the unit out. We’re happy to discuss this in more detail with you to help you make a bigger–picture, informed decision about your home performance needs. Contact us today for home performance services in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley area.