Which furnace is right for you?


Let’s start with the basics. How does a furnace work? 

A furnace generates heat to keep your home toasty through combustion using thermal energy. California may not have as diverse a climate as it does people – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a quality heating system for our chilly winter nights. Most of your neighbors probably have a gas or electric furnace but which one is right for you? Learn from the experts at All American Plumbing to find out!

which furnace is right for you

Natural Gas Furnaces

Nearly half of Americans use gas furnaces and we can see why. 


  • The most economical option
  • The most popular option
  • The most competitive price (compared to other forms of fuel)
  • The most climate friendly 

Electric Furnaces 

These furnaces are the go-to for those who do not have access to natural gas lines – providing cheap, readily available energy with an ease of installation you won’t find in any of the other options. Stick to a newer model for a more efficient heating system. 


  • Alternative to gas and oil 
  • The easiest installation 

Oil Furnaces

This option might be right for you if you have a large property with plenty of storage space and the go get em attitude needed to maintain an oil furnace. They are the cheapest option at the outset – but oil costs run higher than gas in the long run. 


  • The hottest 
  • The cheapest to install

Propane Furnaces

If gas and oil are hard to come by in your area – a propane furnace may be right for you. Used by 1 in 10 American households due to the ease of tank storage, it can be a fabulous choice for those in more rural parts. Just like with gas furnaces, when the propane runs out, so does the heat – so make sure you have the wherewithal to monitor your levels! 


  • Alternative to gas and oil 
  • Can be installed almost ANYWHERE

Whichever furnace is right for you, you’re in luck—you can count on the heating professionals at All American Plumbing, Heating & Air to get the job done right! Give us a call at (209) 710-5629 24/7 for any help you need.