Tech Clean California Incentives


Have you heard about California’s latest rebate program known as “Switch Is On”? Would you like to find out more about it? TECH CLEAN CALIFORNIA created this project as a way to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and help California meet its climate goals.

So, what is this “Switch Is On” all about? This program offers a rebate to single and multi-family homes that upgrade to brand new central heat pump systems or heat pump mini split up to the sum of $6,000 for each household. The amount changes according to the number of systems you have replaced.

The payment for this program (which could be up to $6,000) also provides rebates that help you replace your existing water heater with an efficient heat pump water heater costing $1,000 to $3,100, depending on the fuel source of your old unit. This has several benefits for your home;

  • There’s no longer an open flame in your home, so the risk of gas leaks is eliminated.
  • Your property is rid of dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.
  • There’s less fire risk.
  • Your utility bills drop.

There’s more good news. We take care of the whole process for you so that you have nothing to worry about.

To locate a TECH Clean California Participating Contractor, visit the switch is on’s contractor directory.

For more information, including incentive rates, where incentives are presently available, and the equipment that qualifies, please read on. 

What Are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are a type of appliance that uses electricity to move heat from one place to another. Heat pumps work by transferring thermal energy from the outside air or ground into your home, and can be used for both cooling and heating. They are an efficient way to regulate indoor temperatures in all types of climates, as they use less energy than traditional HVAC systems. Heat pumps can also be used to heat water for your home, reducing the need for an electric or gas water heater. 

Heat pumps are a great option for those looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. They provide comfortable heating and cooling all year round, with minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, they generally last much longer than traditional HVAC systems and are often quieter. Heat pumps are an ideal choice for people looking to reduce their environmental impact and energy consumption, while still enjoying the comfort of a heated or cooled home. 

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great alternative to traditional HVAC systems, as they provide many advantages over them. Heat pumps allow for greater energy efficiency and less noise than other HVAC options. They also require less maintenance and can be used in any climate.

Another benefit of heat pumps is that they are much more cost effective than traditional HVAC systems. Heat pumps use renewable energy sources and convert them into usable heat, which makes them a more efficient and cost-effective option than other heating methods. With the increased efficiency of heat pumps, households can save money on their overall energy bills.

Heat pumps also provide better air quality due to the fact that they are able to filter out pollutants and allergens from the air. This ensures that you and your family are breathing clean, healthy air.

Finally, heat pumps are also more environmentally friendly than traditional HVAC systems, as they use less energy to operate and don’t emit harmful gases or chemicals into the atmosphere. This means that households can reduce their carbon footprint and help reduce the effects of climate change.

Overall, heat pumps offer many advantages over other HVAC systems, making them a great option for those looking to upgrade their heating system. With increased energy efficiency, better air quality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to install heat pumps in their homes.

Incentive Rates

Single-Family Homeowners

The incentive a single-family home gets depends on the number of green building items they have installed. Every single family can earn up to $3,000 for every HP HVAC installation and $3,100 for each HPWH installation. In addition, if you’re in some regions, you can receive up to $6,600 per unit for both HP HVAC systems and HPWHs.


Many California residents live in multi-family buildings. If you’re one of them, you’re also eligible to participate in this program. A multi-family home’s incentive is based on a flat rate. Contact us to find out more about the multifamily incentive.

Project Selection

For you to be considered for this program, your application should be submitted at any time through your HVAC contractor.

How To Participate?

It’s easy to join this program. All you have to do is make a request through us by filling out an application. Once that is done, we handle everything else. Our aim has always been to make it as easy as possible for you to reduce your energy consumption and achieve more comfort at affordable costs.

Reach Out to Us For More on Tech Clean California Incentives 

The TECH Clean California incentives program will help the state of California achieve its climate goals while providing homeowners with significant rebates on energy-efficient upgrades. All American Plumbing, Heating & Air is proud to be one of the participating contractors. contact us today at (209) 710-5629 to join the program or learn more about how you can take advantage of it.