Indications That You Really Need Drain Cleaning


Your drains are probably pretty low on the list of home appliances that you think about on a regular basis. After all, they don’t really do anything that demands notice. Until they stop working, of course. If you want to keep your drains in proper condition, though, you probably want to resolve any issues with them before it gets that far. The best way to resolve most issues with drain pipes is professional drain cleaning. So, use the following list to help you determine when it’s time to schedule your next drain cleaning appointment.


Drain clogs form as a result of waste sticking to the walls of the drain pipe over time, building towards the center of the pipe until the clog completes. The more waste builds in the pipe, the more the flow of water through the pipe is restricted. So, if you notice one of your drains draining more slowly than it normally does, it might be a good time to call for professional drain cleaning services.


Waste buildup can also get severe enough that it starts to give off a pungent stench. This tends to happen with kitchen drains, since they deal with lots of food waste. However, it can certainly happen in other drains too under various circumstances. If a room in your home smells like an open sewer, and the smell seems to be coming from your drain, then you should probably call a professional to clean it out as quickly as you can. Do note that if this is happening in multiple drains throughout your home at once, you probably have a more serious plumbing issue which cannot be dealt with using simple drain cleaning methods. It’s likely the issue is deeper in the plumbing system, which may require sewer line cleaning or some other involved effort to resolve. You’ll need to have a plumber check out the system for you to know for certain.


Even if your drains aren’t exhibiting any outward sign that they’re in need of drain cleaning services, you should still try to get them all professionally cleaned out at least once a year. Professional drain cleaning keeps your pipes clean and efficient, reducing the odds of a clog forming in the future as well as dealing with any waste buildup in the present. So, if it’s been quite a while since your last drain cleaning (or if you’ve never had it done at all) we recommend calling a trusted professional plumber as soon as you can and scheduling a drain cleaning appointment. You may not notice a difference, but we promise you it’ll be much better for your drains in the long run.