How to Spot 4 Common Plumbing Leaks


A leak in your plumbing system is never good news. And, unfortunately, the majority of leaks are sneaky and stay hidden until more damage is done. 

How to Spot 4 Common Plumbing Leaks

The most common places that leaks occur are faucets, toilets, old water supply pipes, and the sewer line. Keeping an eye on these areas can help you notice a warning sign of a leak and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Signs you have a leak in your home.

Since most of the plumbing system is concealed behind walls, unfinished spaces, or underground, you might notice these clues of a leak before you see any water.

  • Low water pressure
  • Musty or moldy smells
  • Wet spots on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Dripping or hissing sounds
  • Leak indicator moving on your water meter
  • An unexplained spike in your water bill

Four common sources of leaks

  1. Faucets – Bathroom and sink faucets get a lot of daily use. Over time, the rubber washer inside the faucet can wear out, resulting in a steady and annoying drip of water coming from the handle. If the rest of the faucet is in good shape, you can replace the washer.
  2. Toilet – If you hear your toilet running when not in use, that’s usually a sign that you have a faulty flapper valve. This issue allows water to leak from the toilet tank into the bowl, wasting up to gallons of water each day. Replacing the flapper often fixes this leak.
  3. Old pipes – Water supply pipes made from galvanized steel or copper are prone to corrosion, often resulting in pinhole leaks. If not fixed, these small holes will grow until you have a burst pipe on your hands. To avoid leaks, you can have your old pipes replaced with new copper or PEX lines.
  4. Sewer line – The sewer line is the pipe that runs underground to carry wastewater from your home to the sewer main (or septic tank, if you have one). If this pipe cracks or experiences root intrusion, water and sewage can seep out and cause soggy spots on your property. Be sure to address any sewer line issue right away to avoid further damage or raw sewage backing up into your home. 

What to do if you spot a leak

Often, finding the hidden leak is half the battle. If the leak is coming from a fresh-water pipe or fixture, turn off the water supply valve closest to the problem to prevent further damage. In the event you have a concealed broken pipe, you may need to turn off the main shut-off valve to the home, then call a plumber to inspect the pipe. 

Have a plumber fix your leak

Unless you are exceptionally handy, it’s usually best to have a professional plumber fix a leak in your home. If the work is done incorrectly, another leak is bound to spring up, causing more damage and costing you even more money.

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