How To Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy This Year


We are moving into the holiday season, and that means a few different things. Hosting family and spending some quality time with them and friends, for one. It also means thinking about your goals for the next year, though. Here’s a tip from the plumbers on our team. Don’t leave your plumbing system out of your New Year’s resolutions! It sounds funny, but chances are you’ve been overlooking your plumbing system a bit. This is a great time to shift focus to a system that you depend upon each and every day.

Not only should you think about your plumbing system in the long-term, but the holiday season itself can present some challenges to your system. In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips about how to help your system through the plumbing season, as well as what you might want to consider moving forward. As always, let a member of our team know if you have any questions or concerns. Count on us when you need a PLUMBER IN ATWATER, CA.


There is a lot of stress that can come with hosting guests during the holiday season—even when things are going as smoothly as possible! While it may be difficult to coordinate event times and logistics, a lot of homeowners overlook another point of stress. This is the added strain put on the plumbing system itself. It is not just a matter of how many more people are using the plumbing, either.

It is also that the plumbing is being used by individuals who may not be as careful with it as you are. If you have guests with children, for instance, be sure they know to throw any baby wipes into the trash, rather than flushing them down the drains. Also, don’t feel awkward about asking guests to clean out the shower drain trap after they’ve finished cleaning up, or to wipe their whiskers out of the sink after shaving. Trust us, they’ll feel a lot more awkward when they cause a clog!


Making sure that everyone staying in your home is familiar with the limitations of your plumbing, the proper use of your garbage disposal, and so on is very important. That is going to get your plumbing system through the holiday season unscathed. As we mentioned above, however, we want to talk about long-term ways in which to keep your plumbing healthy, as well.

That is why we want talk to about water softeners. We have notoriously high hard water grain counts in this area. That can really affect your water heater, your pipes, your plumbing fixtures, and really anything else your water comes in contact with! Just because hard water won’t make you sick doesn’t mean you can afford to live with it. Using a whole-house water softener is the best way in which to keep true to any plumbing resolutions that you may have for the new year!