Forced Air Heating System Guide


If your new home has forced air heating or you are considering replacing an existing system with forced air, this is the guide for you. A majority of homes in North America are equipped with forced air heating systems, making it the most popular option for heating homes. 

Whether you have questions about the benefits of this type of heating or are curious as to how it all works within the home, read on.

How Forced Air Heating Systems Work

Forced air heating systems use a furnace or heat pump to heat the air and then disperse it through the house via ductwork and in-room vents. You are likely familiar with the small vents built into the ground or along wall trim, and maybe you’ve even cozied up near one on a cold day. You’ll be able to feel that delicious warm air pumping out into the room from one of these ductwork vents.

After setting a preferred temperature on your thermostat, cold air is pulled into the system where it passes through an air filter, then moves through the air handler where it is heated via the furnace or heat pump. A motor blows the air through the vents and into the room.

The Pros of Forced Air Heating

There are plenty of benefits of having a forced air heating system in your home. For one, it makes it incredibly easy to add central air conditioning if you do not already have it, as the AC utilizes the same ductwork as the heat. It saves tons of time and cost during air conditioning installation.

Forced air heating is energy efficient. Because of HVAC regulations, newer systems are required to operate at a certain level of efficiency, saving the homeowner money and creating better output. 

Forced air also presents the opportunity to add a humidifier or dehumidifier to the system without any added energy usage to optimize the humidity levels in your living space. 

The Cons of Forced Air Heating

Despite its popularity, there are a few downsides to forced air heating. The top complaint is the potential allergens that can be blown into the home from the ductwork, depending on the cleanliness of your ducts. Without regular cleaning, dust and dirt can build up and sometimes enter the atmosphere via the blower and vents.

Also, because of the placement of your vents, uneven heat distribution is possible if there is an obstruction, like furniture, blocking your vent.

Still have more questions about forced air heating? Give the professionals at All American Plumbing a call. We are happy to help you discover your ideal heating solution.