Common Issues with Touch Faucets – And How to Fix Them


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. But as we all know, new gadgets are never perfect, which can be frustrating.

Over the past few years, touch-sensitive faucets have become more and more popular. These fixtures allow you to turn the water on and off simply by touching them – not by turning handles. This can be convenient when you’re cooking or cleaning, be more hygienic than putting your hands on handles (such as when you’re handling raw meat), and help you conserve water.

As we mentioned before, new technology isn’t always perfect. Here are three common issues that homeowners experience with touch faucets. 

Low battery

One difference between a touch faucet and a standard model is the inclusion of a battery pack. As you might guess, when the batteries start to die, the faucet isn’t going to work as well. Most touch faucets will have LED lights that warn you of low battery. Refer to the faucet user manual for instructions on how to replace the batteries – the process should be fairly easy.

Worn-out solenoid valve

The solenoid valve works with the touch sensor to turn the faucet on and off. If the valve is worn down, it will not push or pull as effectively as it should, and may need to be reset or replaced. You can find the solenoid valve underneath the sink, attached to the battery pack. Replacing the solenoid involves some electrical knowledge. Since you’re dealing with electricity and water, it might want to let a professional handle this issue.  

Low water flow

Just like a standard faucet, when you experience low water flow, the first place you should check is the aerator. This small metal disc inside the faucet adds air bubbles to the stream, which conserves water while giving you the feeling of high-pressure water. However, over time the aerator can get clogged with mineral deposits or other debris. Try removing the aerator, soaking it in vinegar, rinsing it, then reinstalling it.  

Touch faucet repair and service

The good news is that touch faucet problems are usually fixable, and the benefits of the technology still outweigh the potential issues. 

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