2 Common Noises Your Water Heater Makes (And How to Fix Them)


Water heaters are typically a reliable, durable home appliance. They are also one of the most frequently utilized appliances, which means they often show signs of wear and tear and fatigue. 

Common Noises Your Water Heater Makes

If your water heater is noisier than normal, it likely falls into one of two camps: a rumbling sound or a high-pitched “scream.” Both sounds are common, and both can typically be fixed as long as they are addressed promptly.

If you hear a high-pitched “scream”…

Check the water pressure of your unit. Your pressure relief safety valve can fail to open or close properly, resulting in too much water pressure within your hot water heater. If this pressure builds for a long time, it can lead to leaks, cracks, or even a burst water heater. 

To fix the problem of a faulty pressure valve, you will likely want to call in a professional plumber. It’s important to troubleshoot and solve this problem fast so your water heater doesn’t become a dangerous situation. 

If you hear a low, loose “rumbling”…

Any sort of rumbling noise from your water heater can sound like a big deal, and it certainly can be. But addressing the problem promptly can help you save money and stress in the long run. This rumbling noise is most likely caused by sediment buildup, resulting from hard water. 

When the sediment is able to sit and solidify, it turns into a mass that is very difficult to remove. To prevent this, we recommend flushing the water heater on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly. 

What about other noises?

If you’re hearing sounds that don’t align with what is described above, or you are experiencing other issues within your hot water heater unit, don’t hesitate to contact All American Plumbing, Heating & Air. Leaving problems to their own devices can result in costly and damaging issues.

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