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Serving the Central Valley Area


Ductless Systems & Service in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley Area

In Turlock, CA and the surrounding Central Valley communities, many homeowners depend on traditional ducted systems for their air conditioning and heating needs. They receive warm or cool air in a single centralized unit that distributes that air through a series of air ducts via a fan. It’s a very effective system and the reason that many households are equipped with central AC systems and furnaces.

But a ducted system is not your only option. Ductless mini split systems take the concept of both heating and cooling your home and keeping you and your family comfortable and take it all one step further—they eliminate the need for ductwork. Contact All American Plumbing Heating & Air today and we’ll be happy to walk you through the benefits of such a system. Give us a call to schedule ductless services in Turlock, CA and the Central Valley area.

How Do Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Work?

The key difference between a ductless air conditioning and heating system and a central AC or furnace is their decentralized nature. Rather than a single indoor unit, each room or zone of your Turlock, CA home has its own individual blower unit.

Whether you’re using ductless heating or ductless air conditioning, the system lets you control the temperature in each room separately. This set up allows for a fine level of control that you simply can’t get with a centralized unit.

More importantly, you can turn off the air or heat in parts of your home that aren’t being used at the moment, which lowers the strain on the system and reduces your monthly bills in the meantime. Our trained and experienced team believes "In the Service of Excellence" and we’ll help you find the right match for your home, providing installation, repair and maintenance for your ductless system.

Can All Homes Benefit from Going Ductless?

There are a variety of home types throughout the Central Valley, each with their own specific needs. It stands to reason then that not all homes will gain the full benefits of a ductless system. It’s up to you as the homeowner to make that call, but we can certainly help you make an informed decision.

At All American Plumbing Heating & Air, we tend to steer our customers with smaller homes towards more centralized systems, as the benefits of going ductless are often lost on homes with less square footage. But if you have a home with a lot of space, or multiple rooms, then a ductless system can certainly help you contain your cooling and heating energy, and therefore your cooling and heating costs. Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Guarantee Available to our AMP club maintenance program members.

Trust Our Team for Your Ductless Needs

Whether you’re curious about ductless cooling, ductless heating, or both, you need the right service professionals to handle not only the installation, but repair and maintenance of your ductless system too.

Our trained and NATE–certified experts know the ins and outs of all sorts of air conditioning systems, and ductless units are no exception. We are here to provide you with advice about what system will work best for your home, and follow that up with exceptional services. Reach out to us today to answer all of your ductless questions!