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Sump Pump Services in Turlock, Los Banos, Merced and Patterson

If you aren’t already familiar with sump pumps, there are some things you should know, including how flooding can affect your Central Valley area home. If you’ve ever had flooding in your basement or crawlspace before, you know what a nightmare it is to clean up and repair the subsequent water damage. This is an even bigger issue if you need to replace any appliances that might have been there, such as your water heater.

The good news is that you don’t have to just hope your basement or crawlspace won’t flood from a heavy storm or plumbing issue. You can protect yourself with a sump pump installation, completed by the highly trained and experienced service professionals at All American Plumbing Heating & Air. Our motto is “In the Service of Excellence” and this includes insuring your home is protected! Reach out to our team today to learn more or to schedule sump pump services in Turlock, Los Banos, Merced, Patterson and the surrounding Central Valley area.

What Is a Sump Pump?

This is a system designed to prevent an area from flooding. The sump pump works by pumping out any water that flows into it. During sump pump installation, a pit is dug at the lowest point of the area that needs protection—so, your basement if you have one in your home. All water that flows into the basement will then naturally flow into the pit, which is what is referred to as the "sump."

Once the sump is dug, the pump is either installed right inside of it or just above it. There is a pipe that runs from the sump pump out of the house, giving the excess water somewhere to go. After the pump is installed, it’s hooked up to the home’s electrical grid, which allows it to sense when water needs to be pumped out.

Why Should You Consider Sump Pump Installation?

Repairing water damage is a hassle, which probably goes without saying. It’s also expensive. Especially when you consider that most of the time, the only way to really "repair" flooding damage is by throwing out anything that’s become too waterlogged and is at risk of mold development. That alone can amount to quite a lot in monetary loss.

Your sump pump protects against all this by removing the water before it has a chance to build up. It won’t protect you against catastrophic flooding, but if your home experiences that much water flowing into it then your basement is probably not going to be much of a concern. The point of a sump pump is to prevent parts of your Central Valley home from being affected by moderate flooding.

Call Us for Reliable Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance

We are here for all of your sump pump needs. This starts with routine sump pump maintenance, which helps your system last as long as possible. This maintenance should be performed by trained service professionals, such as the plumbers on our staff. We offer a 6 year complete warranty on all plumbing work except fixtures available to our AMP club maintenance program members.

A good amount of professional knowledge and experience is needed for proper sump pump services. Take sump pump repairs, for instance. Your service professional must have expertise in electrical wiring, how the pump needs to be installed, how the pipes must be rigged, and more.

Of course, even with the most diligent sump pump maintenance and sump pump repair, the time may come where your system simply wears down to the point that it can’t function as it should anymore. In this case, it may be time to consider a sump pump replacement. You can contact our plumbers for whatever your sump pump needs may be in Turlock, Los Banos, Merced, Patterson and the surrounding Central Valley area.