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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Turlock, Los Banos, Merced and Patterson

Have you ever noticed a warm spot on your kitchen or living room floor with no explanation? Or perhaps you have a damp spot on your carpet and don’t know how it got there. If so, you could very well have a slab leak. This is among the most serious and disheartening plumbing problems that homeowners face.

Slab leaks can cause significant damage in a short amount of time if not located and repaired right away. This is why you need a team onsite to perform accurate slab leak detection and repairs as needed. You have that with All American Plumbing Heating & Air. We are “In the Service of Excellence” and have been serving customers throughout Los Banos and Merced counties for over 15 years. Speak to one of our service professionals today to set up your slab leak detection, or repair, services in Turlock, Los Banos, Merced, Patterson and the surrounding Central Valley area!

What Is a Slab Leak?

This is the name given to a leak that occurs beneath the concrete foundation—the slab—of your home. Your home’s foundation helps stabilize your property and protect it against soil erosion, among other issues. Unfortunately, however, you have several plumbing pipes that run under this foundation, and those include your water and sewer lines.

Being out of sight means that when one of these pipes springs a leak, you aren’t going to know about it right away. It becomes a slab leak when this leak filters up through the slab of your home, and usually the first visible signs are when damage has already been done.

Why Slab Leaks Are Such a Big Deal

Slab leaks are significantly worse than other leaks that might occur in your Central Valley area home due to their location. They take a while to notice, making them problematic. Since the leak is located under your home, most people don’t notice them until the problem is visible, as we mentioned above.

You may be able to detect a slab leak on your own by watching your water meter after shutting off all your water appliances, but leaks can occur anywhere, and even if you do detect a slab leak, you need to have it professionally addressed.

Our team uses special methods to detect slab leaks, such as acoustic listening devices and electronic line locators. This helps us not only to locate the slab leak, but to determine the severity of the damage it has caused.

Call Our Team Today for Slab Leak Services

The sooner you have your slab leak detected and repaired, the less you’ll need to pay to repair water damage. Our trustworthy team of service professionals provides exceptional slab leak detection and repair services to Turlock, Los Banos, Merced, Patterson and the surrounding Central Valley area. We also offer a 6 year complete warranty on all plumbing work except fixtures available to our AMP club maintenance program members.

Just give us a call today and one of our plumbing pros will be out to help you as soon as possible—we even provide 24/7 emergency services! Remember, the longer you wait, the more water damage can occur, and the more you may find yourself paying in repair costs. When it comes to slab leaks, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect you’re dealing with one, have it inspected right away rather than wait it out for a more convenient time.